Regarding Event Registration

Registration Date and Time


2023 Friday, February 17th Saturday, February 18th 10:00 ~ 20:00

※The marathon administration is not responsible for any runners unable to register in time due to traffic conditions, parking availability, etc.
※Registration will not be available on the day of the marathon.

Before You Run

In order to make the marathon safer for all participants, we are implementing a facial recognition and body temperature sensor system at the entrance to the registration area. Please upload a photo of your face and your ID to your account page before the deadline.

Registration of a photo of your face and ID is required.
  1. Go to the Athlete Bib Voucher/Facial Recognition/ID Registration page on your account page.
  2. Follow the instructions on the screen to upload a photo of your face and your ID.

Registration deadline: 8PM February 16th, 2023

Required Items for the Marathon

(1)Athlete Bib Voucher

スマートフォンをお持ちの方 QRコードを表示する
スマートフォンをお持ちでない方 アスリートビブス引換証を印刷する

On the day of the marathon, it may be difficult to show your QR code from your webpage depending on web traffic conditions. To avoid this issue, please either print your Athlete Bib Voucher and bring it with you or take a screen shot of your QR code and use that to register instead.
※Screenshot-taking methods will differ by phone and maker. Please consult with your phone’s maker or your cell service provider if you have any questions regarding cell phone operation.

(2)Personal Identification

(3)Health Checklist

Fill out the checklist beforehand and submit it at runner registration.
(Available for download on your account page and from here.)

Registration Area Information

Runner registration will be conducted based on the number on your Athlete Bib Voucher. Please go to the appropriate registration area and either display your QR code or provide your Athlete Bib Voucher.

For Historical Full Marathon・Recovery Challenge Fun Run participants

For Kanakuri Memorial Kumanichi 30 Kilo Road Race participants

Health Checklist (for submission before marathon)

Health Checklist (for personal use after marathon)


Athlete Bib Voucher Download/Facial Recognition/ID registration are available here (after logging in to your account page).

Athlete Bib Voucher Download/Facial Recognition/ID registration are available here