Runner entry application


Participation Instructions
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Event Name
Date & Time
February 19th (Sun), 2023 9AM Start (Rain or Shine)
Registration Dates & Times
February 17th (Fri), 2023 10AM to 8PM
February 18th (Sat), 2023 10AM to 8PM
  • Registration will not be available on the day of the marathon (Sun, Feb 19th)
  • Registration will not be available outside of the above times.
  • Identification that identifies you as the applicant is required at registration.(Registration cannot be completed by anyone other than the applicant)
  • You will be unable to register if you do not bring identification.
Registration Area
Hanabata Hirioba Square
Regarding Personal Information and portrait rights
  1. The host understands the importance of personal information and shall handle personal information in accordance with its own personal information protection policies based on the relevant laws and regulations. Personal information will be used to improve services offered to participants, such as providing participants with event information, notifying records and other post-event information, and taking questionnaires.
    Personal information may be provided to third parties such as public health organizations, medical facilities, etc., in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
    *Participants may be contacted by the host or the Kumamoto Castle Marathon Committee to confirm application details.
  2. The host reserves the right to publish or otherwise portray images, photos, articles, records, etc., of the event, including the surrounding expo as well as participant information including names, ages, addresses (countries, prefectures, and municipalities), etc., on TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, pamphlets, the internet, and any other media.
  1. No refunds of participation fees, etc., will be issued if the event is cancelled due to circumstances outside of the host's responsibility.
  2. If the event is cancelled by the host in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the hosting party will take into account the timing of the cancellation decision and expenses incurred up until that point while determining whether to issue refunds and take other necessary measures.
  3. Participants should train appropriately in preparation for the event, receive a physical health check, etc., in order to participate in peak physical condition.
  4. The host assumes no responsibility for delay in arrival of participants due to issues with public transportation or road conditions on the day of the event.
  5. The host reserves the right to halt participants' progress during the event in order to allow emergency vehicles to pass through the course, etc.
  6. The event will take place rain or shine. If rainy weather is forecasted, participants should prepare appropriately by bringing rain coats or covers to wear while running, etc.
  7. Participants should follow the host's instructions regarding any other points related to the event.
  8. Regarding receipts of participation fee payment:
    • When paying with a credit card:
      A receipt will not be issued. The payment summary or invoice from the credit card company will serve as the receipt of payment.
    • When paying at a convenience store:
      A receipt will not be issued. The payment stub will serve as the receipt of payment.
  9. Participants with visual or other sensory impairments who have difficulty running on their own may run in the event accompanied by one guide runner. (Running with a guide dog is not allowed.)
  10. Participants may not use wheelchairs to participate in the event.

Kumamoto Castle Marathon First Challenge

There are 2,300 applicants
in the Kumamoto Castle Marathon First-Timer Category!

This is for runners who have never participated in the Kumamoto Castle Marathon Historical Fun Run before. Runners who have participated in the Revival Challenge Fun Run, Jokamachi 4 Kilo, or the Kanakuri Memorial Kumanichi 30-Kilo Road Race Road Race but who have never participated in the Historical Fun Run in the past can still qualify.

If the number of applicants exceeds the number of slots

If the number of applications for the Kumamoto Castle Marathon First Challenge exceeds the number of slots (2300), participants will be selected by raffle. First Challenge qualified applicants will have priority.
If an applicant is not selected for a First Challenge slot, they will be automatically entered into the general raffle for a second chance at participating in the run. Filing an additional application for this is not necessary.

For runners considering their first event, or for runners who have failed to be selected for the marathon, this may be your opportunity. Apply now!


Kumamoto Castle Marathon First Challenge Overview

History Tour Full Marathon
Application Period
From Thursday, September 1, 2022 at 10:00 AM
Until Monday, September 26, 2022 at 5:00 PM
Runners who have never participated in the Kumamoto Castle Marathon (History Tour Full Marathon) in the past.
Runners who have been selected to participate in the marathon but did not run are excluded.
*Past participants are defined as those who have been selected by raffle and then paid participation fees in the past.
*Group applications are not allowed for the Kumamoto Castle Marathon First Challenge.

10th Anniversary Special Category for Repeatedly Deferred Runners

To commemorate the 10th Kumamoto Castle Marathon, we created a special category for runners who have a strong desire to participate but have repeatedly not been selected in the runners’ lottery.

This Time for Sure! 10th Anniversary Repeatedly Deferred Runner Category (Overview)

Target Event
History Tour Full Marathon
Participant Limit
250 (automatic entry)
Entry Grouping
Applicants who applied three times consecutively to the 2018, 2019, and 2020 Kumamoto Castle Marathons, but were not selected to run in any of the events.
How to Enter
Apply as normal in the “General” or “First Time Challenger” category. Repeatedly deferred applicants will be selected and entered into this category automatically, so no separate registration is required.
*Group entries will be omitted from selection.
*If the participant limit is reached, this category will be selected by lottery among the automatically selected applicants. Applicants who are not selected will be added to the pool of general applicants and have another chance to be selected in the general runner’s lottery.

Support Kumamoto Charity Fundraiser

The Kumamoto Castle Marathon supports the Kumamoto Support Charity Fund!

1.What is the Support Kumamoto Charity Fundraiser Campaign?

Participating runners in the Kumamoto Castle Marathon will have the opportunity to sponsor a charity. The goal of this program is to support the recovery of Kumamoto, maintain Kumamoto assets, and spread the spirit of charity one runner at a time.

2.What will the collected charity money be used for?

Your donation will be donated to the theme you selected at the time of entry.

Donation Funds
Kumamoto Castle Disaster Recovery Fund
For Kumamoto Castle reconstruction and restoration costs
Kumamoto Castle Disaster Recovery Fund
Administrator:Kumamoto Castle General Office (096-359-6475)
*There is no privilege of the "restoration castle lord" system.
Sports Promotion Fund
For encouraging sports recovery and development in Kumamoto
Sports Promotion Fund
Administrator: Kumamoto City Sports Promotion Section (096-328-2724)
Volunteer Activities Fund
For supporting the expansion of volunteer programs in Kumamoto
Kumamoto City Public Interest Activities Support Fund
Administrator: Kumamoto City Regional Activities Promotion Section (096-328-2036)

3.Participating in the Support Kumamoto Fundraising Campaign

During the entry process, there will be sections to indicate your willingness to participate in the Support Kumamoto Fundraising Campaign and preferred charitable cause. Please specify how many donations you would like to make and the fund you would like to donate to. After runner selection takes place, please include the amount you would like to donate along with your participation fees and system fees to participate in the campaign.

*Each participant is allowed to select only one donation fund to give to. Thank you for your understanding.

Support Kumamoto Special Charity Runners
(limited to the first 500 participants)

Runners that donate over ¥30,000 (60 donations) as part of the Support Kumamoto Charity Fundraising Campaign will be exempted from the raffle and allowed to participate in an event of their choice (Kumamoto Castle Marathon, Jokamachi Fun Run).
*Participation fees are calculated separately.
*Group entries for this program are not allowed.

Sub Three Premium

Go Sub 3 at the Kumamoto Castle Marathon!

What is Sub Three Premium?

Runners who have completed the Kumamoto Castle Marathon with a sub three hour time during any one of the last five years will be given preferential treatment and placed in the starting block of this year’s marathon. Runners who have qualified for the Kumamoto Castle Marathon Sub Three Premium have their names, runner numbers, and records posted on the Kumamoto Castle Marathon homepage.






Race Type / Number of Participants / Maximum Time / Participation Requirements / Entry Fee

Race Type History Tour Full Marathon
(Supported by JAAF)(JAAF Certified Course)
Kanakuri Memorial Kumanichi
(Cosponsored by Kyushu Athletics Federation, Supported by JAAF)(JAAF Certified Course)
Jokamachi Fun Run
【About 3.5km】
Number of Participants 11,000 150 1,500
Maximum Time 7 hours Must reach final 28.3 km gate by 10:58 1 hr 15 min
Participation Requirements Must be 18 years of age on day of marathon (no high school students) Must be able to complete the marathon in under 6 hours and 40 minutes Must be JAAF member born before April 1st, 2004 (no high school students) Must be a junior high school student or older
Entry Fee + System Usage Fee ¥14,500 ¥6,000 ¥4,000
500 system usage fee is included in each of the above entry fees.
  1. *1 Time limits are measured from the time of the starting gun.
  2. *2 Due to traffic, security, and operational considerations, gates are placed along the History Tour Full Marathon and Kanakuri Memorial Kumanichi 30-Kilo Road Race courses that runners must pass through within a certain time. Runners that do not pass through the gates by the specified time will be disqualified. At the discretion of the marathon management, if it is determined that a runner is excessively slow in reaching one of the gates, due to potential resulting delays in reopening the roads, the runner may be made to quit the race.
  3. *3 Runners who are slow in completing the Jokamachi Fun Run (runners who cannot complete the interval from Karashima Park to Densha Dori by 9:45) will be made to quit the race so that the roads can be reopened at 10:00.

Checkpoint Closing Times

*Times are subject to change.

History Tour Full Marathon
  Distance Closing Time
1st Checkpoint 6.1km 10:15
2st Checkpoint 14.5km 11:18
3st Checkpoint 21.0km 12:21
4st Checkpoint 24.8km 12:55
5st Checkpoint 29.8km 13:45
6st Checkpoint 33.3km 14:18
7st Checkpoint 37.9km 15:00
8st Checkpoint 40.6km 15:30

Kanakuri Memorial Kumanichi 30-Kilo Road Race
Distance Closing Time
5km 9:20
10km 9:40
15km 10:00
20km 10:20
25km 10:43
28.3km 10:58

Fees and Payment Information

Event Application Method Payment Method Fees System Fees
History Tour Full Marathon Internet only Credit Card
Convenience Store
¥14,000 ¥500 per person
Kanakuri Memorial Kumanichi 30-Kilo Road Race ¥5,500
Jokamachi Fun Run ¥3,500
【Payment Example】Applied for and selected for an individual slot in the full marathon and offered to make two donations at the time of entry.
*Payment for two charity donations (1 donation at ¥500 ×2 = ¥1,000)
Total payment: Participation Fee (¥14,000)+ System Fee (¥500)+ 2 Charity Donations (¥1,000) = ¥15,500

*The system fee for group entries is ¥500 per person.

Support Kumamoto Charity Fundraising Campaign
For runners wanting to participate in the fundraising campaign, please include the number of donations you would like to make (¥500 per donation) and include them with your participation fee payment.

Participation Award T-Shirt Sizes

[Please use this as a reference for indicating the correct shirt size]

Size SS S M L LL 3L
Height 160cm 165cm 170cm 175cm 180cm 185cm
Chest 84cm 88cm 92cm 96cm 100cm 104cm

*If shirt size is not specified at the time of entry, women will be given an S size shirt, and men will be given an M size shirt.

*There are only limited quantities of each size, so you may receive a different size shirt.

Runner Entry Applications (Individual ・ Group 〈2~5 people〉)

History Tour Full Marathon Individual Group Internet only
Kanakuri Memorial Kumanichi 30-Kilo Road Race Individual Internet only
Jokamachi Fun Run Individual Group Internet only
Application Method
Internet entry via the Kumamoto Castle Marathon homepage
Application Period Begins
10AM September 1th (Thu)
Application Period Ends
5PM September 26th (Mon)
System Fees at Time of Application
None (¥500 for each selected participant)
Runner Selection
Raffle Drawing (if applicants exceed the participant limit)
Results Announcement
Results will be sent out at the mid of October. For groups, only the group’s representative will be informed of the result.
Runners selected to participate (or the representative for groups) must deposit the total payment for participation fees, system fees, and charity donations in the specified bank account by the given date. Non-payment will result in runners’ slots being given to another applicant.
*Please also read the「Notes regarding the application process
  • Individuals and groups may not file multiple applications. Multiple applications will result in disqualification.

【Regarding group applications】

  • Group applications may be filed for 2〜5 people.
  • For groups, all runners will start in the same block as the slowest member of the group.
  • Group members cannot apply as JAAF competitors.

Application Policy

  1. The organizer will not be responsible for any illness (including COVID-19), loss, or other accidents that are not the responsibility of the organizer, except for first aid.
  2. Applicants cannot change event type or cancel their application at their own convenience after it has been issued.
  3. Knowingly producing false information about age or gender, and having another runner who is not the applicant participate in the event is not allowed.
  4. Repayments of participation fees, system fees, or charity donations will not be issued in the event of cancellation due to earthquakes, inclement weather, accidents, crime, illness, etc.
  5. Repayments will not be issued for overpaid deposits or multiple deposits.
  6. Television, radio, newspaper, magazines, brochures, Internet, etc. including videos, photos, articles, records, applicants during the event, including EXPO, age, address (country name, prefecture name or municipality) The right to place in the media and the right to portrait belong to the organizer.
  7. The marathon administration will handle personal information in accordance with all relevant rules and regulations.
  8. This event will take place in accordance with all relevant rules and regulations.
  9. In addition to the items listed in this application policy, this event will also be hosted in accordance with the Official JAAF Competition Policies.
  10. Legal minors are required to gain the consent of their guardian before applying.

Notes Regarding the Application Process

  1. Multiple applications by a single applicant will not be accepted. One application is defined as a single individual applying for one event.
    If it is determined that multiple applications have been made, all applications will be disqualified and any payments made will not be returned.
  2. Knowingly producing false information regarding age, gender, records, etc. and having another runner who is not the applicant participate is not allowed. Any applicants engaging in this practice will have their entry revoked and will be barred from any future Kumamoto Castle Marathons.
  3. Application information cannot be changed, edited, or canceled once it has been sent. If there is an issue with the contents of your application, the marathon office will contact you at the email address or phone number provided in the application.
  4. Raffle results will be sent via email to all marathon applicants, however, if the email address provided is invalid, the marathon administration will not follow-up with the applicant. Only group representatives will be contacted for group applications.
  5. Runners may not have a surrogate participate in the event nor may they transfer their entry privileges to another individual. Any runners engaging in these practices will be disqualified. In the event of disqualification, no compensation will be provided nor will repayments be issued. Also, the applicant and surrogate with both be barred from future Kumamoto Castle Marathons.
  6. The marathon administration is not responsible for any late applications as a result of internet issues or equipment malfunction.
  7. Applicants are required to provide an email address at the time of entry. One contact email address can be registered per applicant. Please prepare an email address before making an application. There may be cases where an application cannot be filed as a result of hardware, OS, and/or browser issues.
  8. Accident insurance will be purchased by the organizer. COVID-19 is not covered by compensation.