Information on Kumamoto Castle Marathon 2015





Information on Kumamoto Castle Marathon 2015

Event Name Kumamoto Castle Marathon 2015
Date and Time Sunday, Feb. 15, 2015
9:00 a.m. Start (The event will take place regardless of rain)
Check in Participants must check in during the following time.
Friday, Feb. 13 10:00 through 20:30 (tentative)
Saturday, Feb. 14 10:00 through 20:30 (tentative)
※No check-in on the event day (Sunday, Feb. 15)
※No check-in before and after the above time
※ID required for check-in (Proxy check-in not accepted)
Registration Applications will be accepted on the Internet between 10:00 on Aug. 1 (Friday) and 17:00 on Sept. 10 (Wednesday)
※A party of 2 to 5 members is eligible for group entry.
※An applicant may not submit more than one application. Applicants with multiple applications will be disqualified.
※Participants will be chosen by lottery if an excessive number of runners have applied.


Full Marathon (officially recognized by the Japan Association of Athletics Federations) (The course is set around historic sites)

Time Limit 7 hours
Maximum Number of Participants 12,000 runners
Eligibility Those aged 18 old or older on the day of the race, and those men and women who can run the whole distance within 6 hours and 40 minutes . (High school students are not allowed.)
Entry Fees (Yen) 10,000

Kanaguri Kumanichi 30 km Race (officially recognized by the JAAF)

Time Limit Must pass the 28.3 km checkpoint by 10:58 a.m.
Maximum Number of Participants 150 runners
Eligibility Those born on and before April 1, 1996 and are registered with the JAAF (High school students are not allowed.)
Entry Fees (Yen) 5,000

4 km race (The course runs through the castle town)

Time Limit 1 hour 15 minutes
Maximum Number of Participants 1,500 runners
Eligibility Junior high school students or older
Entry Fees (Yen) 3,000

* Courses are subject to change.


Kumamoto Castle Marathon Organizing Committee at the Kumamoto City Government.

Phone 096-328-2373

Fax 096-324-2010